BRNS is a Full Service Architecture & Interior Design Studio in Southlake, TX


We build stories. Brand stories. Stories that represent YOU and get you results. Your building or office is so much more than just a place to work in. In an ever growing digital world, your outward appearance has never been more important. We take the time to know you and your brand to ensure our process will deliver not only a quality result but a result that will help grow your business. Our results are due, in part, to the fact that we are a full-service studio. Most architecture studios might tell you they’re full service, but we encourage you to ask to meet their teams.

Often you’ll find “full service” means they partner with an outside interior designer or use freelance architects which is why the work gets diluted as it gets passed around. BRNS keeps every part of the process in house, without outsourcing or losing sight of the strategic vision at hand. View our services below to see how we can partner with you and show the BRNS the difference first hand.

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Commercial Services

We provide residential and commercial architecture and interior service with a focus on high design and personalized finish out.

  • New Construction

  • Programming

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Space planning

  • Furniture Design & Procurement

  • BOMA calculations

  • Branding Strategies

  • Construction Management 

  • Finish Selection 

  • Sustainable design

  • Design Consultations


The BRNS Design Process


01 Discovery

We provide services from start to finish. From the moment you’re considering a new office location, potential development, the next hotel, or expanding to the next suite. We provide feasibility studies, space planning, test fits, and branding strategy. We help you consider your options that you can make the best decision for your business and get back to doing what you do best.

02 Project Prep

After that initial meeting to discuss your project, the details, options, budgets, timelines, - we prepare a discovery package that is tailored to your specific project needs. Perhaps planning & zoning presentations are required, or you need a quick answer about whether a certain site will work for your project. This phase includes a visioning session with our brand strategist to capitalize on the best way to incorporate your brand into the overall design scheme. Your project should be a reflection of you. We review all of the local building code requirements, create a detailed program, provide concept options, and equip you to make the best decision

03 Design Phase

Often, clients have made critical decisions during the Discovery Phase that will ultimately impact the design of your space.  We capture all of the information and start designing with you in mind. We start with schematic design to make sure all of the rooms and programmatic items are included.  Some projects even include 3D renderings and whole building walkthroughs so that you can see your space before you commit to the design. Future tenants - marketing We try to pick two or three key areas that you’re going to highlight as branding moments throughout the space (more if needed) and once the overall strategy is in place, and the floor plan is pretty set, we move into Design Development.  The initial branding concepts from your Discovery phase are incorporated throughout the Finish Selection process. 

 04 Interiors Meeting

We choose to involve our interiors team from the beginning because great architecture is nothing without great interior design. Our interiors team works closely with the branding strategist, space planning, furniture selection, and handles all of the finish selection. Our architecture and interior departments are in constant communication to produce the best design for your business. Once the design schemes are nailed down, the light fixtures are selected, tiles picked and all the items that make a project really pop, we bring on our consultants.

05 Finish Selection

Our Finish Selection phase often overlaps the Design Phase & the Documenting and permitting phase. We also provide furnishing and styling services. If you’re designing a new space, you need furniture, artwork, and accessories to arrive as soon as your contractor receives the Certificate of Occupancy. All of the takes at least 12 - 16 weeks of planning and procurement to make that install happen. Once we have nailed down the design of your space, we can quickly move into furniture selection to ensure you have desks in place on day one.

06 Engineering Phase

We bring the structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, and any other specialty service on board to engineer the spaces.  While the architects handle code like life safety, accessibility, building codes, the engineers address energy code, design the HVAC, plumbing systems, and electrical runs. 

07 Final Design Meeting

Following a thorough review of the engineering design, we sit down with you for a 95% page turn to review the ENTIRE set of plans, elevations, 3D models, finish schedules, and more to ensure your permit set is what you want and what the contractor needs.

08 Project Execution

During the permitting process its normal to receive comments back from the city and we respond timely to requests from the city and the contractors. Once your building is under construction, we provide regular site visits to ensure the design intent is being met, we review all of the submittals from the contractors, and we can even provide project management services to be your eyes and ears in the field.

09 Installation

We provide installation services to handle all of the furniture installation, artwork, and styling to make your project run smoothly. 

10 Photoshoot

Once everything is perfect and complete we schedule a time to come back and take beautiful photos of the project. We love the work we do and want to show it off.


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