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About the Project

Anchor Investments

Commercial Architecture & Interior Design

This is a premier example of our corporate commercial full-service. When we toured the space with MDP it was an empty shell just waiting for the perfect tenant. We wanted to create an upscale industrial modern space with the quirkiest hints of flare. After working with Anchor on each step of the initial design process we turned our attention to the interior design. This is the step that takes it from ordinary office space to something completely personalized.  Since Anchor Partners owns metal fabrication companies, we wanted to create a branding moment to highlight who they are in a subtle way.  STEEL panels were the perfect way to add that extra design punch and incorporate the business. Throughout the space, you’ll find the open concept office reflects warm greys & blues contrasting the cool steel paneling, concrete floors, and rich brass accents.  

We collaborated with Callum East to create a custom conference table, vertical slat wall to offer privacy in the reception area for the offices, custom desks for all of the offices, and floating brass & walnut shelving for the break area. 

To keep the design cohesvie, you’ll find repeating elements throught.  For example - the office carpet is a warm grey to blend with the polished concrete floors.  It gives the space a lightness and visually stretches the bounds of each room.